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möbel kultur 02/2015: POLIPOL Group – Successful fair presentation

Polipol lists “imm” as one of the most significant fairs. The flair, particularly for companies operating internationally, has always been special. And once again this year, contributed to allowing the Group to stage such a successful event.

A particular highlight was the expansion of the “Hukla family”. The new “VarioRelax“ sofa programme with the four different styles “Sweet Family”, “Modern Life”, “Relax Life” and “Best Age"“were among the bestsellers, excelling with diverse possibilities such as zero-wall relax function, integrated shelf and power socket, seat depth adjustment, a special leather seam, bed function or maxi headrest. In addition, the already established “CosyRelax” armchair has been augmented with the “Art” series – in three different ergonomic sizes. For modern newcomers to this segment, Hukla presented the “Canyonline Smart” with various back designs, armrest and foot versions and three seat heights.
Polinova has once again expanded its competence in leather, further advancing the wall-away topic and presented a modern line with low backs. At Polipol, the main focus has been placed on proven comfort themes such as boxspring and Polifit.
The young-looking Megapol impressively demonstrates its enormous diversity in models which also make a convincing impact with a wide range of functions.
Zehdendick, the best-selling line at Polipol, also scores with wall-away models, some of them boasting additional bed functions.
The Michael Michalsky “Metropolis” collection, established in 2012, has been re-positioned. The marketing concept has become more open and cosier. Retailers now also enjoy much greater decision-making freedom in terms of positioning and price policy. “This has been very well received,” reported a delighted Managing Director, Marc Greve. Three new models (“Ibiza”, “Costa Rica” and “Paris”) as well as the matching armchair system (“Sao Paulo”, with three back versions and three armrest looks) are geared to ensuring the necessary rotational speed.
And the Polipol Group has also done its homework outside of the production area. It has also worked on further reducing its short delivery times – right across Europe. Furthermore, all retailer planning can now be done by iPad. “Just two examples which clearly demonstrate that we continue tweaking the system, to further optimise processes,” according to Greve.

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