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Your already one of POLIPOL’s partners or offer products, systems or services which could suit us? Please use this supplier registration form. Your inquiry will be passed on directly to the responsible contact partner who will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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1. What is the advantage to me of supplier registration?

Supplier registration gives you the opportunity to present yourself as a supplier to the POLIPOL Group and specify your product range. You therefore increase the chances of being taken into consideration for tendering, or being entered as a supplier in the supplier portfolio.

2. Do I need to answer all the questions in the supplier registration?

Please complete the supplier registration in full. We cannot consider self-disclosures which have not been properly completed.

3. What happens with my supplier registration?

When supplier registration has been completed in full, we enter your company in our supplier file and will invite tenders from you as the need arises, or contact you if a supplier relationship is a possibility for us.


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