POLIPOL. The company

Progress with vision – that is our strength. As one of the leading manufacturers in the upholstered furniture industry, we are characterised by innovative products, strong customer orientation and a high level of flexibility. We see it as our duty to consistently expand these competencies. In the here and now, and for a successful future.

POLIPOL products are far removed from mass-produced goods. Every item of furniture has its very own evolutionary history. From the first sketch to the last seam, all the details are designed, creatively enhanced and optimised in Diepenau, Lower Saxony. And we continue working on them until the perfect design has been found.

A brilliant idea, entrepreneurial vision and a solid grounding in reality: the history of POLIPOL’s success
At the heart of POLIPOL. And we mean that quite literally: The large showroom is at the centre of our company headquarters in Diepenau
Humans & Furniture
Furniture has to fit into lives. Not the other way round. That is why people are central to everything we do
Social matters
From a “getting-to-know-you” day to the sports programme: the cooperation among people at POLIPOL
Core values
Meeting at eye-level – of particular importance to us. In dealing both with one another and with our partners and customers
Our foundation
DIE BRÜCKE ZUM LEBEN gives children a future
POLIPOL stands for perfection in form and function