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Company. The Philosophy

POLIPOL is a conservatively-managed company, in the best sense of the world – but with modern orientation. Despite constant growth, we have remained true to our modest roots.

People are central to everything we do. We manufacture upholstered furniture to fit into lives. Well thought-out, comfortable and of the highest quality. Furniture that gives pleasure and promotes communication, allowing users to sit relaxedly together, comfortable and at ease.

POLIPOL is more than just an outstanding product. In our dealings with our customers, commercial partners and, not least, our staff, consideration is what we value most highly – we consider it the basis of successful and respectful cooperation and an important pillar of our corporate structure.

Our People & Furniture philosophy can be experienced live at our site in Diepenau. Its architecture reflects this spirit in the communicative design of all the areas – from the conference rooms to the open-plan offices of the administration area to the cafeteria. And in the regular collective events such as the “getting-to-know-you day for new apprentices and such offers as our POLIsports programme – it all centres on people.

Our aim has to be to infuse our employees with our corporate vision, and bind them long term to the company.

Marc Greve

Managing Director