Ledervielfalt entdecken


Leather is a natural product of a special kind. It has its own unmistakable characteristics and brings a touch of nature to your living room.

Real leather is high quality, hard-wearing, breathable, kind on the skin, easy to care for and timelessly elegant. Real leather is alive. It is warm and is a completely natural material. Upholstered leather furniture radiates natural snugness, while its softness and aura provides a sense of cosy comfort. In addition, nothing is more hygienic than leather – if it is properly cared for. It is not for nothing that it is recommended as an upholstery covering for people with allergies.

Some of our leathers have a LongLife finish and so offer a unique anti-ageing effect. The LongLife finish protects the leather from ageing and guarantees longevity. We offer a five-year guarantee on the easy-care quality and generally high light resistance of this leather.

Aniline – the exclusive leather

This high-quality, exclusively vat-dyed leather is very soft and grippy and features visible pores. This is a sign that its breathability remains intact. It takes on body heat quickly. This beautiful leather requires special care.

Semi-aniline – the golden middle

Following the vat-dyeing process, a light coat of dye is applied. The thin coating layer makes the leather less sensitive but ensures it retains its soft and pleasant feel. It boasts relatively even colouring (natural features remain partially visible).

Pigmented leather – the easy-care option

The hides with the most natural features are used for this leather. Pigmented leather is particularly hard-wearing thanks to its coating of dye. This leather is very robust and family-friendly.


Die richtige Pflege ist für ein langes, schönes Aussehen einer Ledergarnitur wichtig.

Deshalb ist, zu der 5-Jahres-Garantie auf Pflegefreundlichkeit und weitgehend hohe Lichtbeständigkeit, ein spezielles Pflegeset erhältlich.
Dieser Oberflächenschutz sollte für eine langanhaltende Qualität und Optik ca. 2-3 Mal jährlich aufgefrischt werden.

Zur Entfernung von Flecken und Pflege Ihrer Garnitur benutzen Sie bitte ausschließlich unsere empfohlenen Softreiniger und Pflegecreme. Bei nachträglicher Ausrüstung oder Reinigung, durch am Markt angebotene oder nicht von uns empfohlene Pflegemittel, erlischt jegliche Gewährleistung.
Informationen rund ums Leder und die richtige Pflege erhalten Sie beim Kauf im Garantiepass, der bei der Auslieferung beiliegt.

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