Variety that has yet to find its equal. Sometimes simple, striking or extravagant, sometimes fine, sometimes individual ... but enriching whatever the colour, structure or nuance.

The benefits of textiles as coverings are multi-faceted and vary in the individual details of the respective material. Whether breathable, extremely tear-resistant and resilient to scrubbing, hard-wearing, easy-care or durable, the choice of a covering arises from the interplay of the material characteristics and personal design preferences. Textiles convey a particularly high level of warmth and cosiness, inviting relaxation.

Moreover, every fabric has a very particular character thanks to its look and feel, adding a personal touch to your living room.

Flat weaves

A technique that inspires continuously: Flat weaves are textile coverings that are woven in a conventional manner. Durability is determined by the raw materials used as well as the type of weaving. Polyacrylic and polyester fabrics are among the most hard-wearing.


Velvety-soft fabric with chenille yarn as the weft thread. Chenille yarns consist of two threads twisted around one another. This special yarn creates the three-dimensional character typical of the fabric.
Chenille as a fabric is soft, robust and versatile and is excellently suited for use as a covering for upholstered furniture.

Flocked fabrics

This covering material stands out thanks to its wide variety of colours, high durability and easy-care characteristics. These qualities make it particularly good for households with children.
The iridescent nature of the fabric and unproblematic changes in appearance due to body weight are typical.


The finest quality: Alongside a velvety-soft, natural feel, the fine, synthetic fibres impress thanks to their extremely hard-wearing nature, good colour intensity and high crease recovery. Additional benefits: Breathable, tear-resistant and resilient to scrubbing, water- and dirt-repellent, very easy to care for and simple to clean.

Artificial leather

This material features a textile backing (cotton, blended fabric) that has a polyurethane-coated surface and boasts a soft and pleasant feel with a leather-like structure.

Pet-friendly collection


Welcome to our pet-friendly collection. Our carefully selected pet-friendly fabrics aim to protect your piece of furniture from damage caused by your pet. To achieve this, we set high standards for their durability and easy care.

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Fabric properties

recycled yarns
stain protection
water repellent
easy to clean
leather look
especially soft
leather fibres
high abrasion resistance
vintage look

Fabric Infofilms

Pilling correction
Easy Clean
Beading effect
Longlife easy cleaning