Company. The story

A brilliant idea, entrepreneurial vision and a firm grounding in reality – this is the basis for POLIPOL’s success story. Not just doing it differently to everyone else, but doing it better. Continuous growth, but with a sense of proportion. And setting trends that will endure – the concept on which Gerd J. Hemmerling founded POLIPOL in 1990 still works today.


In the early years, Rahden in Eastern Westphalia and Zehdenick near Berlin were the linchpins of the company. Operating with seven employees, POLIPOL launched its first upholstered furniture series onto the market. Today, POLIPOL has over 8,500 employees in Germany and abroad. Our range encompasses more than 300 models and 150 TV armchairs. The former GmbH has grown into the POLIPOL Group, operating throughout Europe with a number of subsidiaries and a current annual turnover of almost 500 million euro.


Today, POLIPOL is among the leading upholstered furniture manufacturers in Europe and is active around the world. The strategy – successful from the very beginning – of developing innovative products at a facility in Germany and producing them in Eastern Europe, is still being pursued today. In 2010, the company headquarters moved from Rahden to Diepenau in Niedersachsen, just a few kilometres away.


A future-oriented new building evolved, with open architecture, large showroom and modern office areas. Management, development, administration and customer communication are all centrally located here.


We have a product with which we can identify very closely, because it is a friendly product.

Gerd Hemmerling



  1. 1990

    Establishment of POLIPOL GmbH / ZEHDENICK GmbH

  2. 4 employees
  3. 113 employees
  4. 1993

    Plant in Chodziez – EUROPOL meble polska

  5. 1994

    Plant in Wagrowiec – EUROPOL meble polska
    Plant in Chojnice – POLIPOL meble polska

  6. 1,001 employees
  7. 2,123 employees
  8. 2004

    Plant in Janikowo – JANIPOL meble polska

  9. 2005

    Plant in Foieni - POLIPOL Mobila

  10. 3,262 employees
  11. 2006

    Establishment POLINOVA GmbH

  12. 2007

    Plant in Srem – LEOPOL meble polska
    From 2007 Planning of the new administration building in Diepenau

  13. 2009

    Establishment of MEGAPOL GmbH

  14. 2010

    Administration moved from Rahden to Diepenau

  15. 4,471 employees
  16. 2010

    Establishment of POLIPOL INTERNATIONAL GmbH

  17. 2012

    Take-over of the traditional brand HUKLA

  18. 4,981 employees
  19. 2012

    Torgelow – Torgelower Polstermöbel GmbH (HUKLA)

  20. 5,318 employees
  21. 2015

    Plant in Wagrowiec - POLINOVA Polska

  22. 2016

    Establishment HUKLA GmbH & Co. KG

  23. 6,000 employees
  24. 2017

    Extension of the administration in Diepenau

  25. 2018

    Plant in Slupsk – Maripol meble polska

  26. 6,500 employees
  27. 2018

    Plant Polipol mebel in Belarus

  28. 2020

    Establishment Oschmann GmbH & Co. KG

  29. 7,500 employees
  30. 2020

    Plant Christianapol in Sulęcin

  31. 2021

    Establishment HUKLA Comfortbetten GmbH & Co. KG

  32. 2021

    Closure of Torgelow plant

  33. 2023

    Over 8,000 employees