POLIPOL. furniture & the human factor

Furniture & the human factor – these two terms sum up what makes POLIPOL special. As a company. As a producer of high-quality furniture. As an employer. For us, people are central to everything we do. With our craftsmanship, passion and a real love of detail, we produce individual items of furniture. Innovative, comfortable and of the highest quality. We stand out as one of Europe’s most successful corporate groups in the upholstered furniture industry.

From the most modest of beginnings to one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Europe and a reliable trading partner
Get to know us as a multi-facetted employer and a committed apprenticing company
Our product
Modern, innovative, high-quality – the brands of the POLIPOL Group
POLIPOL stands for perfection in form and function

POLIPOL informs

  • Emotionale Wohnwelten

    Hausmessen OWL Roadbook 09/2018: Polipol präsentiert neu gestalteten Showroom mit stimmig inszenierten „Houses“

    Der Showroom von Polipol mit einer Ausstellungsfläche von 7.500 qm wird zur Hausmesse komplett neu aufgestellt.

  • Worlds of Living enhanced

    möbel kultur 02/2015: POLIPOL Group – Successful fair presentation

    Polipol lists “imm” as one of the most significant fairs. The flair, particularly for companies operating internationally, has always been special. And once again this year, contributed to allowing the Group to stage such a successful event.

  • The Art of Sitting

    InteriorFashion 01/2015: Hukla augments reclining armchairs with sofas for healthy seating

    Nothing is more beautiful than a big family! This is what the Hukla relax armchair experts had in mind, when they presented their sofa program “Vario Relax” at the beginning of this year. Thus, the popular collection of solitary relax armchairs has now grown into a complete family of upholstered furniture items fully dedicated to comfort and healthy sitting.


14. January - 22. January 2019
IMM Cologne 2019
04. November - 07. November 2018
Furniture Fair Brussels 2018
16. September - 20. September 2018
POLIPOL Autumn Fair 2018