The Art of Sitting

InteriorFashion 01/2015: Hukla augments reclining armchairs with sofas for healthy seating

Nothing is more beautiful than a big family! This is what the Hukla relax armchair experts had in mind, when they presented their sofa program “Vario Relax” at the beginning of this year. Thus, the popular collection of solitary relax armchairs has now grown into a complete family of upholstered furniture items fully dedicated to comfort and healthy sitting.

An uncomfortable sitting position harms the back, and a cozy-looking sofa is not necessarily comfortable in the long run. The new “Vario Relax” designs by Hukla are beautiful and offer long-lasting sitting comfort, protecting the spine and intervertebral discs. This aspect should be one of the most important factors in the buying decision, considering that about 70 percent of all grown-ups regularly suffer from back pains today.

Yet, tastes are as different as individuals, and this is why Hukla offers “Vario Relax” in three different styles: “Sweet Family”, “Modern Life”, and “Best Age”. They all share the extraordinary sitting comfort which facilitates a perfectly adapted sitting experience in soft, middle and hard versions. The secret behind this is Hukla’s patented “H2L/ HSK” comfort system including a 10 year warranty. Specific moulded foams of the highest quality ensure constant sitting comfort for years, without any marks of wear. Of course, the perfectly adapted Hukla relax functionalities, which have been featured in the armchair programs for years, are also included in “Vario Relax”. Thus, the “Sweet Family” collection offers everything big and small personalities need for feeling comfy – such as a bed function for visiting guests, a little canapé with some storage space, and, above all, the integrated zero-wall relax function, which really makes the sofa special. The sofa also features many small ideas with great effect, such as a shelf and a power socket for extended gaming afternoons or long smart phone sessions.

The “Modern Life” collection is a declaration of love to coziness – with its soft, curved lines, the contrasting suture, and the comfort- oriented design, the sofa clearly aims at the aesthetes among the customers. The motor-driven seat depth adjustment from 55 to 77 cm lets you transform the sofa into a large lounge area for maximum comfort and well-being. The variable back height with its integrated headrest completes the lounge oasis and helps the owner to perfectly relax and float on cloud nine.

The “Best Age” collection is characterized by its classic and timeless, yet also light and fresh beauty. It puts an even stronger focus on comfortable and healthy sitting, combining the relax back with a 15 cm high headrest. Ergonomically formed seat and back cushions protect and relieve the spine and discs for maximum well-being. The integrated bed function makes this product even more versatile.


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